Aerial Photographs of Kingston

Isn't this a cool shot or what!?
A big thank you to Marge Myers, a professional photographer letting me use her special aerial photographs in this page.

Her husbad Tom Myers takes her to the sky with his experimental homemade airplane. These aerial photographs are their creation. What a amazing couple!

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Marge Myers' Bio.

photo by Robbie Steinbach

Marge Myers joined the growing company of Sierra County artists in 2002 after a professional career as the owner and director of a commercial illustration company in the Midwest. Her current portfolio of fine art nature photography springs from the inspiration of her new home in the high desert of Southwestern New Mexico.
From the intimate to the sweeping, from the delicate lines of a wildflower petal to the snaking path of a rocky arroyo down the mountainside, her images capture a vibrancy and splendor that belie the common notions of the desert. With unique perception and insight her lens portrays the fierce and tender world of the sierra foothills.
“God creates the image; I capture a fraction of a second in the image life from my particular perspective. Nature’s images are constantly changing, never to be repeated. A rainbow, a sunset, budding flowers, the color of an autumn leaf exist so briefly and then vanish. I want my work to increase people’s awareness of the beauty about them; to take time to see, to observe, to appreciate, to enjoy.”


Marge Myers passed away in May 2013.
But she will be in my heart forever.
Miss you Marge.



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