About Kingston

Once, Kingston was the largest silver mining town in New Mexico in 1880’s. The population grew to 7000 men and some women, children and Chinese people.
Jack Sheddon discovered a rich lode of silver ore in 1882. Kingston quickly became a boom town with a bank, 22 saloons, 14 groceries, 3 hotels, 3 newspapers, a brewery, gambling halls and much more.
You probably know more than me so, I will not bore you with my words. :)
If you want to know the histories visit GeronimoTrail's site.

Here is some current information about Kingston - it's pretty accurate since I live here.
Today Kingston is a tiny village of about 25 residents - one blink and you will miss the turn to the entrance of the village.
Look at these aerial photos of Kingston by the professional photographer Marge Myers!

The Spit & Whittle Club, the nation's oldest continuously-active social club, dates to 1888 is still having a meeting in the old schoolhouse every month.

You can still see some of the historical buildings and a fire bell in town.
Kingston is a ghost town on the foothill of beautiful Gila National Forest.
We are happily living here and enjoying life in this environment with the sprits.

Fire Bell in Kingston.
This bell was used for the sign for arrival of mail in 1880's besides as a fire bell.


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