Wild Flowers in Kingston

There are so many different wild flowers here in Kingston.
These are some of them that I picked in my 30 minutes walk today.
Some people might say they are just weeds however,
for me they are the gorgeous gift from nature.

Point the image above to see the actual color of the flowers.


Summer through Fall, you can see the hidden beauty of wild flowers in Kingston.
It depends on the year but different kinds of yellow flowers some vivid red, pink, purple and white flowers are everywhere on the hill.
There are so many more than what you see above.
You can enjoy hiking around Kingston and Gila National Forest!

"The beauty of the Black Range cannot be described by man,
for at times, especially after a rainy season, with its forests,
flowers, and wild animals, it is a perfect paradise."

-- "Uncle Jimmy" McKenna, Black Range Tales

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