Japanese Plaster Magazine
(this is how they spell "CONFORT")

Even if you don't read Japanese, the pictures tell a thousand words!

Japanese Plaster vol.1

Japanese Plaster vol.2

Japanese Plaster vol.3

Reviewed by Tom Lander (from The Last Straw Journal Issue #50-Summer 2005)

Kimie Tada and her parners have produced another winner in their latest May 2005 issue CONFORT Magazine.
I'll admit I did not read the magazine, how could I when I don't speak Japanese. I have a hard enough time with English and usually ask Satomi how to spell. Not that I needed to read it, like the rest of my Japanese building books and magazines, the pictures tell a story on their own.
This issue hit home for a couple of reasons. It is the third in a special series on plaster plus Satomi and I had the pleasure of meeting Kimie, at the now famous Shuhei Japanese Earth Plaster workshop hosted by Bill and Athena Steen in Canelo. (See The Last Straw issue #48 pg30 for the article by Bill Steen). It just so happens that one of the articles in this current issue is from that workshop.
Again, the magazine is written in Japanese, but like all their issues, the great images and high end style is an added addition to our Japanese library as well as it would be in yours.

See Shuhei's work

Traditional Japanese Trowels

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