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Satomi Lander's Polished Clay Art

Satomi has been creating polished clay art for more than 14 years.
After making a few thousand polished clay balls and other polished clay art, she finally feels comfortable to share what she does besides her plastering work.

This art is made from natural ingredents: clay, water and pigments.

NO wax or oil are used.

If you throw it out to your yard, it will melt by rain and will go back to the earth where it came from.

Here are some images, please enjoy!






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Playing with Clay is FUN!

If you are looking for a fun art project at your school, organization, or homeschooling group:

We can help to :

• Create Adobe Balls or Eggs

• Painting with Natural Clay Paints

• Build a Bird House with Clay

• Construct an Earth Oven ( Pizza Oven)

• Building an Earth Bench


"Playing with Clay" is fun for children to adults!

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