Traditional Japanese Plaster Trowels

A Traditional Japanese Trowel Manufacture is graciously working with us to provide these professional grade tools for the serious earth and lime plasterer.

#12002 is basic tool of the trade. These carbon steel "Arakabe-gote", first coat and "Nakanuri-gote" second coat, trowels are thick and rigid. With proper training and technique the plasterer can achive those smooth and flat wall surfaces commonly seen throughout Japan.

We also carry the flexible plastic and stainless steel "Juraku" trowels primarily designed for removing "the wave" or trowel marks and work very well for polishing and burnishing.

Keep in mind that for the Japanese plasterer each trowel is specificlly designed for a certain material or technique.
Even without this training and knowledge, the broad range of shapes and sizes of these trowels can augment any plasterer's capabilities.


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